The Group

The Pujol Group is the only leading group entirely specialised in the development of laminated glass products. The Group comprises three oven manufacturers, manufacturers of EVA for architectural use and other consumables, all part of the Group’s 360-degree strategy. The Pujol Group faces the future with the commitment to continue promoting quality products and service excellence for its customers.

Our human team is made up of 70 highly trained professionals each specialised in their respective fields. The Pujol Group has three production units covering an area of 20,000 m2, half of which (10,500 m2) dedicated to production.

The group arose out of Hornos Pujol, a hundred-year-old oven manufacturing company; Evalam, manufacturers of EVA; and i-ON by Pujol, a glass company offering intelligent solutions applied to glass and projects using PDLC which it also produces.

Pujol Group in the World

All the companies of the Pujol Group enjoy strong international presence. They are represented in more than 100 countries owing to the high quality of their products, but also due to the highly-qualified experts and specialists who make up the different teams of the group. But it is also our extensive network of partners and collaborators around the world which has helped our products reach every corner of the globe.

Our Mission

Boundless development of our business models in those industries that will add to our company values.


Our Vision

Constant analysis, detection, and action in anticipation of future market trends whatever they may be. It’s in our Family DNA.


Our Values

Passion and commitment in all the challenges we take on. Limitless.

Our Commitments

To our customers

Meeting their real needs is a priority. We work with our customers as an accessible, proactive, and reliable partner; we are known for working closely with our customers, fully aligning ourselves with their strategy in order to offer them sustained support in the long term.

To our vendors

Our policy is to establish a direct, personal and stable relationship over time with all of our vendors. This relationship is based on the principle of ongoing collaboration between companies, transparency, veracity, and reliability of the information provided.

To our staff

We believe that it is of paramount importance to ensure that the people who work for us are motivated. We implement the necessary policies to retain talent and strengthen relationships between our workers.


Our greatest guarantee is your satisfaction

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